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How can a girl pee outside without it splashing on her shoes or pants?
Let's say, I crouch down and pee outside. But it splashes up on my shoes and pants even though I tried to not do that. Are there any techniques that a girl can learn to avoid this?
hey Sam,

girls, like guys urinate through the urethra. We guys suck, i know, because our urethra is connected on the outside. Girls is located just inside the vaginal lips (labia). Some women when the urinate do not exhibit the force that others do, all girls are different. So the ability to direct your urine flow is the key.

If the situation arises that you need to go outside a comfortable clean bathroom, you need to consider would you rather get it on your pants (it is sterile btw) or a bit on your fingers. You could consider learning to put your head closer to your knees like you were going to throw up which will cause you pelvis to tilt to the up and back.

using your fingers you may be able to separate the internal lips of your vagina. this will expose the tip of your urethra, thus allowing the flow to have more direction like a man. Aim for the wall behind you. I should prevent the problem but always carry tissue in a pocket or handbag to wipe.

Good luck staying dry.
How many times a day should a 13 year old girl pee?
I am a 13 year old girl and every day i pee about 7 to 8 times a day and sometimes more. Is this normal? About how many times a day should i pee? I have been to the Urologist and he said that i should just grow out of it in a few years but i still think their is something wrong with me. My bladder also leaks occasionly mostly when i laugh or sneeze. Thanks for the help.
1 of 3 women pee when they laugh, sneeze, cough, or run. That being said, sometimes young people have particularly small bladders. It is more common than you would think. Sometimes there is also nocturnal enuresis (wetting the bed at night). All of which most guys grow out of by 15 or 16 years old.
You can try some things yourself to strengthen the muscles you use when you pee.
As you pee, try to stop the flow of urine. those are the muscles that need to get stronger. Every time you pee, try to stop peeing. Eventually (2-3 weeks later) you will see you can stop the flow sooner and for a longer time. Try to stop the pee several times.
Eventually your muscles will get stronger and quite possible the drips will stop or happen less.
As far as the bladder capacity, you might try holding and put off urinating a minute or two longer than you want to wait. Not more than a minute or two, though. You might be able to train your bladder to hold more before each trip to the bathroom.
Whatever you do do not limit your liquids, except perhaps for an hour or two before bed. Otherwise drink often.
You will probably outgrow this, as your doctor says, but it won't hurt to try a few things that won't hurt, but may help.
How often should a teenage girl pee?
How many times (on average) should a teenage girl pee in a day?
Hard to say,
the more you drink, the more you pee. Av 3 hrs I would say.
How can I make a girl pee her pants?
I get a little turned on when girls pee their pants, and I want to find a way to make it happen to my girlfriend. I need something that won't seem too obvious that I'm doing it on purpose. Something like holding her down or tickling her would seem suspicious.

For those of you that contribute nothing to the answers, I am not the most disgusting person in the world, ever heard of necrophilia? Yea, I'm pretty sure thats worse.
K well there isnt a way. sorry to burst your bubble. i had a bf that was into pee too. he got me to pee on him a couple time and it depends on your girl she may be super weirded out by it or if she is a bit kinky she may want to try it out. be honest tell her you want to TRY it but dont push it cause it may make her uncomfortable
If a boy and a girl pee in a cup can a baby grow?
Ive been wondering if a boy and a girl pee in a cup can a baby grow because pee is dead eggs and dead sperm so can the baby be dead or if so can the baby be alive with alot of health problems
No, they can't. First of all, there are no dead eggs in a woman's pee. Pee comes out a seperate hole than eggs do. They never touch because eggs aren't even continually released, 1 egg comes out a month, during your period. Also, even if eggs and sperm got mixed, a baby still couldn't grow, because it has to implant in a uterus to grow. and with no umbilical cord, it wouldn't get any food or nourishment. There's just no possible way.

A for creativity though!
How do you make a girl pee her pants?
so the story is, i had to use the bathroom one time, and my friends kept torturing me with sounds of water and stuff. One of my friends brought up the point that girls can hold in pee longer than guys. i disagreed with her. so now i want to make her pee her pants just to prove her wrong. any tips?
theres a couple of options to make a girl 'pee her pants' lol, your funny...

ok you could try make her fall asleep (imagination needed) and put her hand in a bowl of water.
you could hang out with her for the day and keep track of how often she needs to go, when you think the time is near make her laugh violently with a real good joke or maybe a bit of tiggling. or you could wait until your both real old and you'l be peeing at will anyway...
tough 1.
This question may be a little gross, but how would a girl pee in the shower?
I'm a girl, how would I pee in the shower? It sounds like it saves a lot of water and is convenient. I just don't know how I would do that without peeing on myself. I wouldn't want to do that, but I would like to save water so...I've done it once before when I was little, but I don't really remember how.
im a girl and i pee in the shower every time I take a shower. u just stand there and let is know it sounds nasty, but its easy since ur in the shower anyway..if ur in the tub thats different!!!
How can a girl pee in a bush without someone seeing her?
I'm always so scared that someone will see me! Also, I get pee on my clothes and it is so annoying! So I would like to ask how do I pee in a bush without someone seeing me and how can I aim it at the bush rather than on my clothes? Thanks
With a great deal of difficulty...I once actually ended up on CCTV peeing in a bush (I had no choice in the matter, it was either pee behind a bush or pee my pants), but that is a lesson to you - take a good look round before you pee to make sure no one is looking!

You could learn to pee standing up, two ways of doing this;

1. Practice in the shower, use your first two fingers to make a 'V' shape then use those fingers to move your vulva in a way that aims your urethra (where you pee from) - you're basically trying to pee like a boy, only as you're a girl you have a shorter urethra and no 'hose' to make aiming easier. Some women can't do this at all, but in the shower at least you can try without making a mess. If you look online there are instructions on how to do this if I wasn't clear enough.

2. Get something that allows you to pee standing up, there are various little tools available to pee standing up - used a lot by women who go camping or travel a lot, because it's a hell of a lot more discreet to pee standing with your clothes still on, not to mention easier not to pee on yourself, when standing up. Tools like these;

P-style -
P-mate -
LadyP -
Shenis -
She-pee -
What are some good ways to hold pee and make another girl pee her pants?
i wanna know more ways to hold my pee but i also wanna know how to make someone pee herself. anyone?
I wouldn't do it. Just let it out because you can have bladder problems.
Best way to get my little girl to pee in potty?
My little girl is potty training and she will poo poo in the potty but not pee! Any suggestions?
Make sure she gets to check out your poo and your husbands poo when you two do your dirty business. Flush it down and sing a little song "Bye Bye Pooie!!"

Good Luck!

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